Erratum / Addendum

Issue No. 13 - Lady at Piano - page 17

/ symbol on colour key should be // DMC317.

Issue No. 30 - Tennis - page 19.

Long Stitch and Back Stitch for Net should be ANCHOR 387 DMC3033.

Issue No. 38 - Violin Player - page 29.

Back Stitch for Violin Bow should be ANCHOR886 DMC677 (3 strands)

Issue No. 42 - The Pond - page 6

Sorry, we duplicated two symbols in the colour key.  T was used for Anchor 234/DMC762 Very Light Grey - this colour should be used in the snail.

T was also used for Anchor 278/DMC3819 Lightest Green - this colour should be used in the Dragonfly, Turtle and Frog.

Issue No. 48 - Fuschia - page 32

Click here for the charts

Issue 57 - Blue Porcelain Collection - chart for page 28
The top left hand plate pattern has been made symetrical. Click here to view.

Issue 58 - Sugar Glider - chart for page 23
The missing flowers and leaves on the right hand side have been added. Click here to view.

Issue 58 - Accessories Purse - enlarged chart as bag handle for smaller size is no longer available. The Gold Purse Frame's code number is still LV63. Click here to view.

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Issue 61 - Blue Wren

Click here to view.

Issue 65 - Bird of Paradise Colour Keys  on pages 24 and 25.  Please note that the heart symbol on the chart is 10044 Blue Iris on the key on page 24 or Anchor 921/DMC926/DBR179 on the conversion.  The DBR colour for Anchor877/DMC163 is 112 Green.

Issue 65 - Bird of Paradise Chart on page 25, and medium fuchsia on page 46

Click here to view.

Issue 68 - Blue Crododile/Lizard on page 8 - colour key MillHill 15/0 40556 listed. The correct no. is MillHill 42029.  

Issue 70 - Stag Beetle page 15 - Bead direction on chart is not correct. Beads should be strung from top to bottom not sideways as indicated.  

Issue 72 - Tulip Amulet page 51 - DBR 229 should be DBR 249  

Issue 72 - page 16 & 17 - Mistake with Round 8, should be - 1MC, 1MC*, 1AC, 1MC, 1MC*  

Issue 73 - page 9 - Heart Bookmark - DBR 1202 requires 327 beads not 36  

Issue 73 - page 25 - Locomotive - Gold row omitted.  

Issue 74 - page 22 & 23 - Swan Baskets - DBR 10 quantity wrong. Requires 40 beads.

Issue 78 - Nativity Stable Dimensions 

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